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Pinpoint by Olivia Luck
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All my life I followed the rules. I lived under the iron rule of my father and did what was expected of me.

Until now.

I want to live in the big city. Make new friends. Get a great job. Meet a man that makes me swoon. Fall in love.

Sounds straightforward enough, but making my way in a city of six million isn’t as seamless as I’d hoped. And the man is more sour than sweet.

Something’s got to give. And this time it won’t be me


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Welcome to Karolina Morgan’s world.

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David and Karolina Morgan have the perfect marriage. He runs a financial empire catering to Miami’s most influential and she is the darling socialite, adored by her husband and all those that meet her.

But underneath the lavish home, expensive car and exquisite jewelry lies a darkness threatening to consume Karolina. The once vivacious fashion design student has become a shadow of herself at the hands of her manipulative husband.

Then, with the flick of a power switch, everything changes. Karolina must learn to fight back when she discovers her entire existence is one big sham, with dire consequences.