Point of No Return Teaser

And now a Teaser Tuesday from Point of No Return!


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Did Max know he’d leave me one day?

“You’re the most beautiful woman to walk this earth, and I won’t be the only man to believe that in the deepest, most honest parts of his soul.”

Max whispers the words one night while we lay in bed together, threading his fingers through my free hair.

“Who cares about other men? You’re it for me and I’ll only ever want you.” I place my palm flat on his chest, using the wall of muscle as leverage to push up and stare straight into his eyes.

“Okay, baby,” he acquiesces huskily.

I knew that tone of voice and the conversation was quickly forgotten.

Max’s prophecy continues to plague me. He spoke like he knew emphatically that he wouldn’t be around to grow old and gray with me.

Grief crashes over me, rough waves dragging me into the depths of heartache. Will it ever relent? At times like this, I fear I’ll never escape. And I fear escaping. If I swim out of the wave, will I forget the way Max’s skin smelled first thing in the morning? Will I forget the way he teased me with endless nicknames that didn’t make sense? Come here push pop, he’d whisper when I was in a foul mood. I want to be his push pop. I’d give anything, anything, for him to whisper that one more time.