Of Happiness Deleted Scene

I’m deep into editing Of Happiness. One scene isn’t going to make the final cut, but I wanted to share it with you now because I enjoy it.

Without further comment…


When I log into the blog hosting site, I find a few new comments associated with my latest blog post that need approval. This morning’s entry was a feature I called “Inside Your Perfect Place,” an attempt to make my blog slightly less anonymous. Last week, I spread the contents of my tote bag across Sean and Luke’s dining room table and photographed them for this entry. Mostly I included work items—journal, writing utensil case, camera, but I also revealed some personal affects like my wallet, cell phone and favorite lip gloss.

I approve a comment from Beth, my virtual design client. Another one is spam, so I delete it, and the last comment comes from someone who identified themselves as HG. With a click of my finger on the mouse pad, the comment light box opens on the page.

HG: My sweet girl wears sex goddess lip gloss? That explains a lot 😉

 I can’t stifle my snort of laughter. Not only does he subscribe to my blog, he takes the time to read and comment on my posts. I don’t approve the comment for the whole world to see, but I do save it in the queue of unapproved comments so I can go back and read it later.

Just like that, my worries about Claire lessen a bit.


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