Second Of Happiness Teaser

Friends, here’s your next Of Happiness teaser – this bad boy is unedited and subject to change.

“I won’t go another day without you, Edith. Not one.” He delivers the words intently. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

It infuriates me, his arrogance. The fury pushes past the exhaustion and hurt. So easily he dismissed what grew between us because of small obstacles set forth by his sister. Now in the midst of a major evolution in the relationship with my father, he expects me to drop it and focus on him?

“You want me?” I snap. Lifting my hand to where his rests around my neck, I tug it away.

“More than want. You are a necessity to me,” his voice is just as harsh, passionate and he tightens his grip.

“Then show me! Stop running away and keeping me at arm’s length.” My head falls forward as I lose some of my aggression. “Do you realize that tonight I’m working on things with my father? He and I have spent the last three days bulldozing over the ash that was our twisted relationship. Of course in these past three days I’ve ached for resolution but I told myself to put you on hold. Tonight was the night I was going to speak to him through my music. So, yes, you and I need to talk, but not today.”


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