New In Pursuit Teaser

Happy Friday friends! You’ve been so good to me – 350 Facebook likes! I feel so…well…liked! If you’re not following me on the book, you should because that’s where I post up to the minute information.

As a sign of my gratitude, I want to share another teaser from my contemporary romance novel In Pursuit. Today it’s about my girls Eddie and Claire. This photo reminds me of them.

Eddie and Claire


***Teaser unedited and subject to change***

“Explain this party again,” I request Claire as we settle into the buttery black leather of her town car. We’re on our way to the Franklin & Smith soiree. Just like Claire “suggested,” I’m wearing one of her dresses. It must be a micro-mini on her because the white eyelet dress I’m wearing reveals an awful lot of leg.

“Louder music, Marcus!” Claire directs the driver and he increases the volume on the Top 40 hit blasting in the car. She turns toward me and after a roll of her eyes explains, “The partners do a summer party to boost morale,” she uses quotation marks around the last bit to show her sarcasm. “Basically we go to a venue with a great view, get hammered then go to a club. Like I said, I need a date this year to get through it. These are usually painful. Harris expects me to be on my best behavior because he’s a partner and all. Blah, blah, blah.”

“So you admit you’re just using me for my amusing conversation?” My voice strains over the pulse of the music.

She smiles broader, “You’re the best date I could have ever have!”


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