300 Facebook Likes In Pursuit Teaser

Great news! My Facebook page now has 300 likes. To welcome all my new friends, I want to share another teaser from my contemporary romance novel, In Pursuit.

If you aren’t following me on Facebook, now’s a good time to start! That’s your place to find the latest information on my writing.

Ready for your teaser? Remember this is unedited and subject to change.



Neither of us speaks as he crosses the galley kitchen, I avert my eyes back to the task in front of me as he moves behind me. He places one hand on either side of countertop, caging me in.

I concentrate on my breathing, but it doesn’t help the racing of my heart or the butterflies of excitement fluttering in my stomach. We’re not physically touching but every pore of my body hums with energy.

“Do you feel that?” He asks huskily.

“Yes,” I breathe.

His cheek brushes against my hair in an achingly tender gesture.



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