Teaser from In Pursuit

How about a little treat on this Halloween?

Here’s a TEASER from my contemporary romance novel, In Pursuit. This is unedited and subject to change.

Remember – when my Facebook page hits 500 likes we’ll do an Amazon gift card giveaway!



I wait. The moment keeps dragging on, neither of us saying anything further.It’s like an invisible force is pushing me closer and closer to him until my lips are so close that they would tickle his if I talked.

“Your eyes are purple.” He speaks! And oh how those words feel. Warm, moist lips flicker over mine in a hint of contact.

Desire stirs deep in my belly, churning a feeling I’ve never encountered so thoroughly before: lust. I don’t just want to be with Harris, I need the connection. I squeeze my thighs together, attempting to stifle the growing tingling sensation between my legs. “My mom gave them to me,” I say dumbly. Does that even make sense? There will be time to dissect what I say later, for now I focus on our lips gently brushing back and forth.


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