Meet Harris Grant

When I make a promise, I always do my best to keep it. So tonight when I reached 100 Facebook likes (!!) it was time to introduce my sweet, lovely followers to my Harris.

As always, if you have questions or just want to chat – shoot me an email: 

Without further ado, meet the hero of my romance novel In Pursuit.


Chris Hemsworth 1


Name: Harris Grant
Age: 34
Occupation: Attorney, patron of the arts
Role: Our hero
Inspired by: Chris Hemsworth
Relationship status: Long time bachelor, although he’s never had a hard time finding female friends to spend time with
Bio: Dominant and driven, Harris will stop at nothing to be successful. Older brother to Claire Grant, he demonstrates an overbearing tendency to protect her and those he cares about. Until he meets our Eddie, Harris is too focused on his work to find the right woman. Fortunately for Harris, Eddie falls into his lap. Unfortunately for Harris, not literally.


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