Hello Romance Readers!

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m Olivia Luck author of In Pursuit. What’s In Pursuit you ask? Well, stick around because this is one of the best places to find out (I’m also on Facebook and Twitter, and I’d love to hear from you).

So in this inaugural post, I’d like to introduce romance readers, bloggers, authors and everyone in this lovely community to meet my heroine.

Rachel Bilson inspiration for In Pursuit

Name: Eddie Neff
Age: 26
Occupation: Blogger, interior decorator
Role: Our heroine
Inspired by: Rachel Bilson
Relationship status: Single, burned from relationships past
Bio: Child of a widowed father, Eddie spent the bulk of her life carrying the weight of grief. When the opportunity arises to start fresh in Chicago, she hastily accepts and uproots her life. Little does she know, a flourishing career, new friendships and a life changing love await her.


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